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My top 5 tips to have an awesome dance party at your wedding

  1. Make sure that your dance floor isn’t too big. Too much space makes it look empty and some people might be too shy to dance on an empty dance floor. Pick the right venue that fits with the number of people at your wedding. Example: If you are expecting 50 people don’t pick a wedding venue with a 300 person capacity.

2. Keep your wedding around 5-6 hours total. People generally only dance for 2-3 hours. If your wedding is too long people will start leaving early. Just because your wedding venue gave you the venue 8 hours doesn’t mean your wedding needs to be 8 hours. You can always have an after party afterwards.

3. Try to have the bar in the reception area if possible. People tend to socialize around the bar. This way people don’t miss anything on the dance floor and it keeps more people in 1 designated area.

4. Avoid having a fake send off. It confuses people and it can completely ruin the vibe of your wedding. If you do decide to have one make sure it’s preplanned and your DJ knows about it before your wedding.

5. Hire a good DJ. A good DJ can mix the music together, read the crowd and MC the entire event.    

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