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Hiring a DJ vs Using a Spotify Playlist

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Every now and then I will come across a post on Facebook from a future bride that is debating on hiring a DJ or just using Spotify. This is mainly because a lot of people think DJs just play music. So they don’t value a DJ and are looking to cut cost somewhere. There are many reasons on why you should hire a DJ instead of just using Spotify. Here are some of the top reasons below.

Spotify can’t read the crowd or interact.

A professional DJ will be able to properly read the crowd, play the right songs at the right moment and not play every song in its entirety. You will get a nice seamless mix between songs. Some songs are about 4-5 mins long. Do you really want to dance to “No Diggity” by Blackstreet for 5 mins? A DJ can play some of those longer songs for a shorter period so you can hear more of your favorite songs. The average amount of open dancing time is about 2 hours. Well in Texas at least. That is only about 30 songs on average in Spotify. A DJ could easily double that so you can hear more of your favorite songs. Let’s say you want to hear “Wobble”. Well who is going to lead that dance if you are using Spotify if people are struggling? A professional DJ could help lead that line dance if needed.

The Ceremony

If you don’t have a DJ then who is going to provide sound at your ceremony. You need a wireless microphone for the officiant so people can hear what the officiant is saying or hear your vows. Most wedding ceremonies in Texas are outdoors. It is much harder to hear outdoors then it is indoors. If you would like people to hear your vows or if you need the videographer to capture everything then having a DJ is very important. Videographers often connect their recording device to the DJs system for the ceremony. Also who is going to cue up the processional song in time if you are using Spotify?

People won’t dance to Spotify and the overall experience isn’t the same.

I asked numerous local wedding vendors about their experience at weddings that had a Spotify playlist instead of a DJ. Most of them said it was less fun, the overall experience was awkward and very few people danced. I attended a wedding last year that had Spotify for the reception and most of the people left early. Nobody danced at all. Having a DJ really helps create that atmosphere so people could dance and have a great time. Positive energy is contagious. Have you ever had a boss at work that that was always in a good mood and smiling? Have you ever had a boss that always seemed like they were in a bad mood and never smiled? You are most likely going to be in a better mood working for that boss that is more positive. Imagine a DJ smiling and enjoying themselves while playing music. That energy is going to transfer to the audience. That is something Spotify can’t do no matter how good the playlist is.

When is Spotify ok?

Honestly if you know your family and friends aren’t going to dance at all and you aren’t having all the wedding reception formalities then having a Spotify playlist might be ok. Especially if it’s going to be more like background music at the wedding or more like a dinner party.

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